Who We Are

Who We Are

Our aesthetic point of view in our leather designs is based on history and master-apprentice relationships. We believe that our leather products will reflect the power and nobility of people in the most noble way. We continue this loyal craft by adhering to this belief and the legacy of our masters. we carry our inspiration from ancient times to the present.
We craft the best quality leathers that can be used in our time with adroitly and quality.

We do it with care and commitment, from each stitch to the way the leather is cut.
And our basic motto is to follow a path that will make you feel powerful and special for each product we make.

As elegant as Demeter and as strong as Zeus…


About our product Materials

Oily leather is prepared by painting the surface of normal raw leather with aniline dyeing method and then sealing the paint surface with natural oils or waxes. The best known type is Crazy-horse leather. If you bend or try to scratch the oily skin with your hand, you will see that it changes color very quickly and then, if you rub the color change with your fingers, it regains its old color thanks to the oil on it.
When you look at this leather, you realize that it looks like it comes from ancient times. The old age is due to the fact that it has 2 different color tones on the leather surface.