The pores in the skin absorb odors such as cigarette, sweat, food and mold. This is often an inconvenience. There are various methods to get rid of bad odors from the skin. In this content, we ask "How to remove the smell of leather?" We will provide information about If you're ready, let's look at practical ways to remove leather odor:

  • Cleaning with white vinegar: White vinegar is one of the most effective ways to remove bad odors from your leather goods. Thanks to the molecules in it, it quickly removes the bad odor stuck on the skin.
  • Cleaning with baking soda: One of the effective solutions for the smell of leather materials is baking soda. Carbonate traps molecules that have a bad smell. In this way, bad odors in your leather goods are purified.
  • Using leather cleaning products: There are some detergents produced for leather goods. You can buy them and get rid of the smell in your belongings.
  • Professional experts: If you have not done leather cleaning before, you can get professional support. In this way, your leather goods are cleaned without any damage. Thus, the factors that cause bad odor are eliminated.

How Does the Smell of Leather Bags Pass?

One of the favorite accessories of women is leather bags. It is generally preferred by many women because of its stylish stance. From time to time, bad odors may occur in these bags. However, you can get rid of the nasty smell in your leather bag with some methods. So, how do you get rid of the smell of leather bags?

First of all, you can clean the bad smell by wiping your bag with Arabian soap. For this, you must first prepare soapy warm water. Then, with the help of a cloth, you should wipe your leather bag slowly, with circular movements. After this process, residues may occur in your bag. You can also clean the residues with just a wet cloth. So you can let it dry. It is recommended that you apply wax to your drying bag and ensure that it is moistened.

Another method is tomato juice. You should wipe your bag with a cloth dipped in tomato juice. However, you must do this carefully. Because tomato juice has an acidic feature. Therefore, after wiping, it should be passed over again with a wet cloth. Leave to room temperature to dry. Finally, you should care with oily products such as a care product or petroleum jelly.

In order to eliminate the smell of leather, first of all, the type of leather should be known. There is a method for removing odor specific to each leather. Let's take a look at ways to remove odor according to leather:

  • Synthetic leather odor can be removed by washing in the washing machine or by hand, wiping with a vinegar cloth.
  • Moroccan leather can be deodorized by cleaning it with coffee and baking soda.
  • The methods in the first title can be applied for artificial, patent leather, boiled and blue leathers.

With practical methods, you can get rid of bad odors in your leather goods in a short time. You should not forget that it is important to lubricate the leathers you wipe after drying. Because leather can be scratched or broken if it gets too dry. Oil care products help the skin come to itself. Extends the life of leather goods.