Leather wallets are the most preferred accessory for storing coins, cards and ID. It is produced from many materials and has different models and sizes. It has variants that can be carried in pocket, bag or hand. However, there are points to be considered when using a leather wallet. So, how should the leather wallet be used?

Things to Consider When Using Leather Wallets

Each model has its own use for leather wallet use. Small models should be preferred so that leather wallets that you will use daily can fit in your pocket. Again, handheld models are also available for those who do not like to carry bags. In other words, it would be more accurate to choose a wallet according to the place to go.

In order for your leather wallet not to be damaged and to have a longer life, it is recommended to apply the following methods:

Sharp and piercing tools should not be placed in the wallet.

The wallet should not be stuffed.

Soft brushes should be used during cleaning.

Chemicals should not be used during cleaning.

Your leather wallet should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

If you put the wallet in your back pocket, you have to be careful not to sit on it.

How to Prevent Stains in the Use of Leather Wallets?

You should clean your leather wallet regularly. Thus, you can prevent stains that occur over time. When cleaning, if your wallet is wet, you should let it dry first. Then you need to wipe your wallet with the help of a damp cloth. After wiping, let your wallet dry at room temperature. It is recommended not to use chemicals during the processes. Because these substances damage the structure of the skin.

Instead of wet wipes or detergents, you can mix Arab soap and vinegar into the cloth. Then you can clean your leather wallet by rubbing it with a cloth. Go over the wallet again with a cotton swab to get rid of any residue. After the procedure, you can lubricate your wallet with leather care cream. Thus, the use of leather wallets will last for many years.

Tips to Avoid Scratches When Using Leather Wallets

One of the most common problems encountered during the use of leather wallets is the scratching of the leather. This problem is encountered especially in wallets that are overly wet and very dry. If your wallet is very wet, leave it to dry at room temperature. You should not put it in the sun. Because the sun rays change the color of the skin.

It is very common for your leather wallet to dry out. Because over time, the skin loses its own oil. Thus, cracks and scratches occur on the wallet. This causes deformation on the skin and reduces its durability. To prevent this, you can use wax additives used in shoes. Dab the wax on a clean sponge and rub it into your wallet in circular motions. Then you should clean the residues with a damp cloth.

You need to be careful not to scratch your leather wallet. If you do regular maintenance, you can use your wallet for many years. At the same time, you should pay attention to the materials you put in while using the leather wallet. Thus, you can protect your wallet from scratches and breakage. You can also do your wallet maintenance regularly every 6-9 months. In addition, you can perform the cleaning process according to the condition of your wallet.