Leather is a substance that we use in many different ways in many areas of our lives. Although the most common usage area is the clothing sector, we can see that it is also used in fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, heating and art. One of the reasons why leather can be used in so many different ways is undoubtedly that it can be obtained in so many different ways. This definitely brings to mind the question of what types of leather are available.

There are many factors in the variety of skin. Even the smallest details, such as from which animal and from which part of the animal it was taken, are factors that affect the quality of the leather. It can be obtained from parts of animals such as back, neck, legs and skirts. The best quality leather types are taken from the back parts of the animals. The properties of leather types obtained from different parts and subjected to different processes are naturally different.

What are the Characteristics of Leather Types?

We said that the reason why their skin is in various shapes is related to the place where it is taken from animals. In addition, its diversification also differs depending on the way the leather is processed. The reason why different steps are applied in the processing part is related to what it will be used for. Below you can see some types of leather in substance:

Oily Leather


Patent leather






These leather types are produced according to their usage areas and their properties differ in terms of the process they are used. For example, nappa leathers are leathers with smooth glass surface and for clothing. Nubuck leathers, on the other hand, have to be sanded on the glass surface. On the other hand, the meat surfaces of the suede are brushed.

Which is the Best Quality Leather?

The quality of leather is generally determined by its unprocessed raw form. This is why the best quality leather you can find is all grain leather called “full grain leather”. The reasons for classifying this type of leather as quality leather are quite simple. First of all, since it is the strongest layer of the skin, it has a durability that cannot be torn by human power. Naturally, this makes all granular leathers stronger and more durable than other types. Since air pores are more in all granular leathers than others, they also provide an advantage in moisture retention. Thus, the formation of fungus and mold on the leather becomes much more difficult.

How to Identify Quality Leather?

There are many methods used by the public to understand quality leather. Since these are word of mouth information, some are false and some are not entirely correct. For example, it is not exactly correct information that genuine leather will not burn. Leather is also a combustible material, but quality leather burns without flame, that is, it goes out on its own when you remove the fire.

With the use of genuine leather, especially all granular leathers, darkening and unique paths occur. It can be seen that the creature from which the skin was taken before carries traces of life such as wounds and bites. On the other hand, there are no such traces on non-quality leathers, they have uniform patterns formed due to the production stage.