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15 Jun How to Remove Leather Odor?
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The pores in the skin absorb odors such as cigarette, sweat, food and mold. This is often an inconvenience. There are various methods to get rid of bad odors from the skin. In this content, we ask "How to remove the smell of leather?" We will provide information about If you're ready, let's look at ..
15 Jun How Should a Leather Wallet Be Used?
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Leather wallets are the most preferred accessory for storing coins, cards and ID. It is produced from many materials and has different models and sizes. It has variants that can be carried in pocket, bag or hand. However, there are points to be considered when using a leather wallet. So, how should ..
15 Jun What are the types of leather?
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Leather is a substance that we use in many different ways in many areas of our lives. Although the most common usage area is the clothing sector, we can see that it is also used in fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, heating and art. One of the reasons why leather can be used in so many diff..
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